Capitalism, Wealth, and Power

The current moaning about neo-liberalism, tends to obscure the fact that the last two hundred years have seen nothing less than the greatest progress in human history, provided, of course, that we are willing to define progress in a purely material way. Capitalism, Wealth, and Power weiterlesen

Ownerless society – from Marx to neoliberalism

Marx wanted it – but neo-liberalism achieved it: societies without property and owners. The term is, however, inherently contradictory. Someone always exercises control over the physical environment, i.e. e. the houses, offices, workshops, factories, even rivers, lakes, and every square meter of forest. In other words, somebody always acts as the owner of property. In this sense, ownerless society is based on illusion. Ownerless society – from Marx to neoliberalism weiterlesen

Donald Trump – the transatlantic ego-trumpet

What happens to a country with some of the best universities worldwide, where many of the most brilliant books about sociology, politics, economics appear, where, in other words, many of the world’s most influential intellectuals are still at home – what  happens to such a country when a man becomes president who seems to emerge right from a comics book where he would represent an American-style Obelix, but with an even more pompous self, a man who dares to  taunt the scientific community for its alleged ignorance in matters of climate change? Donald Trump – the transatlantic ego-trumpet weiterlesen

Neoliberalism: Death of a pseudo-science

Ten logical objections and empirical arguments against persistently held dogmas in current economics

The principle of neoliberalism may be summarized in the following formula: The best way of guaranteeing a maximum performance for the economy is to keep government entirely out of its sphere. Its role should be confined to ensure the safety of personal property, which it does by using police and justice to this very purpose. Neoliberalism: Death of a pseudo-science weiterlesen