Peter Michael Lingens – Why this juggling with facts?

To prevent any misunderstandings: I admire the former editor-in-chief of Austria’s “Profil” and current contributor to “Der Falter” for the lucidity of his style, his straightforwardness, his political intuition and, yes, for his sense of justice. Moreover, I hope not being inclined to quarrel over each dot on top of an ideological “i” to the point of utter disagreement – a tendency so widespread among left-wing thinkers. Continue reading Peter Michael Lingens – Why this juggling with facts?

Is Democracy still alive?

We are used to measuring this form of government above all by the degree of freedom that a government grants its citizens. Viewed from this perspective, the picture is as bright as it is gloomy. No one prevents me from expressing even the most absurd opinions. I may even call publicly for the overthrow of the government, provided that this is done without insulting specific individuals and without denouncing the democratic constitution as such. Continue reading Is Democracy still alive?

The Curse of Globalization

I am living in Puch near Weiz, a small village in Styria. Some tourists who spend their holidays here will describe the place as dreamy, although local people are by no means idle dreamers, but hard-working men and women. Continue reading The Curse of Globalization

The ugly German – return of a ghost long thought to be dead

Does he really deserve these accusations, this hatred, these comparisons with and incantations of a Fourth Reich? In Greece, Germany has become the enemy Nr. 1, but if you listen to Italian talk shows you will be acquainted with similar insinuations. And the same holds true for Spain or Portugal. As for France there is not doubt that mistrust has grown steadily since Gerhard Schröder became German chancellor. Continue reading The ugly German – return of a ghost long thought to be dead