Socio-Economic Analysis

The Economic Manifesto (english version 2016)


Japan – eine untergehende Sonne? Peter Lang, 1997  (Japan – a setting sun?)

(The truly astonishing peculiarities of the Japanese economic system before its neoliberal transformation)




arbeitsloseDie arbeitslose Gesellschaft, S. Fischer 1997  (Jobless Society)

(The book calls for the control of destructive free trade, the real cause of unemployment whenever a nation looses technological competitiveness. Inspite of contrary contentions, technological progress itself is not a problem. It destroys jobs, but regularly calls more of them into life (= creative destruction). The title of the book (Joules Society) is, unfortunately, misleading as jobs may still be abundant even if the sum total available for dependent labor becomes progressively smaller. The remarkable success of this book I owed to Bert Rürup, a leading German economist. Mr. Rürup was, indeed, so impressed that he declared himself a “professional advisor” in my subsequent work “The End of Capitalism” (on page 3). Up to the present day, I am, however, unaware of such advise, so it probably occurred in a telepathic manner.)


Das Ende des Kapitalismus – Triumph oder Kollaps eines Wirtschaftssystems, S. Fischer 1999  (The Fate of Capitalism – Triumph or Collapse of an Economic System?)

(Available in Chinese and Persian translations but not in English. The book describes and analyses the processes by which the existing monetary order turns social market economy into asocial capitalism.)


energieEnergiewende – So sichern wir Deutschlands Zukunft, Propyläen 2006  (Radically changing Energy Policy)

(Five years before Fukushima and the German »Energiewende« (exit from nuclear energy), I hailed the latter as a “national project”, which, at the timed seemed rather ridiculous. On the other hand, my general forecasts as to the further development of the German economy were too pessimistic. Upswings tend to be slower than predicted by optimists; and downturns are mostly slower than forecast by pessimists.)

pyramideDas Pyramidenspiel, Signum 2008  (The national Ponzi Scheme)

(The book deals with the causes of redistribution from bottom to top. Why privatization, rationalization, outsourcing and free trade benefit financial capital and wreck harm on the population majority.)


wohlstandWohlstand und Armut – eine allgemeine Theorie über Eigentum, Geld, Güter und Staat, Metropolis 2010  (Wealth and Poverty – a General Theory of Property, Money and the State)

(Private owner societies – the so called capitalistic ones – are characterized by a paradox: on the one hand, they are the fountainheads of historically unique wealth; on the other hand, they tend to destroy an already acquired prosperity, because, internally, they distribute it in a progressively unequal way, while, externally, they diminish it through outsourcing. The Janus face of capitalism disproves both Marx and the neoliberal camp.)

chaosVon der Krise ins Chaos, Signum 2012  (From Crisis to Chaos)

(The rather lurid and improper title is due to the publisher!

A harsh criticism of present-day economic dysfunction and proposals for a new economic order.)



euroEuroKalypse Now? Es gibt einen Weg aus der Krise!, Metropolis Verlag 2012  (Eurocalypso now? There is a Way out of the Crisis!)

(The prejudices of neoliberals are dissected, without, however, questioning the great achievements of private-ownership societies.)


Das ökonomische Manifest – Fünf Fundamentalreformen, ebook bei Monsenstein und Vannerdat 2015  (The Economic Manifesto – five Fundamental Reforms)

(The book contains my proposals for a tax and money reform capable of limiting the increasing concentration of assets so as to lead the way back to a true market economy based on knowledge and skill. The book, furthermore, contains formulas for an exact calculation of current wealth transfer from bottom to top.)

The publisher of the last mentioned book (Monsenstein and Vannerdat) went bankrupt; some of the above listed books are out of print, I therefore attach the corresponding pdf-files. Quotations are welcome, provided that they are correct and refer to the source.)

Das ökonomische Manifest

The Economic Manifesto (english version)

Die Arbeitslose Gesellschaft

Das Ende des Kapitalismus

Glamour and Shadow of Human Progress – What will the Digital Era be like?